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Keep your board safe with this classic enclosure.

The case comes as 6 pieces that snap together, made of crystal-clear acrylic. The design has no screws or standoffs and there are small feet cut into the sides so that it stands up above your desk.

You can use all of the connectors on the edges of the main board: HDMI, Audio, Video, SD card slot, micro USB power, Ethernet, IR repeater port, S/PDIF and the 2 USB ports.

  • Introduction

    MStar semiconductor, working with the Danish design house Futarque has launched a development system called “Rho board” which enables designers to easily incorporate Android into Smart home devices.
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  • The solution

    The solution is available as a ready to use small motherboard that can be incorporated into many devices. The devices includes a 40 pin GPIO connector that can interface to the hardware in the home device.